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Changing the Cost of an Item

This video takes you in depth on how to change the cost of an item.

CoreStore Point of Sale Introduction

Watch this video to see a quick demonstration and overview of the CoreStore Point of Sale system.

CoreStore Webinar July 31, 2019 - Part 1

Overview of CoreStore including signing up, logging in, and managing users and security.

CoreStore Webinar July 31, 2019 - Part 2

Part 2 of our training will show you how to setup your configuration options.

CoreStore Webinar July 31, 2019 - Part 3

Part 3 of our training reviews: ammoReady integration & setup, locations, receiving purchase orders, and importing data.

CoreStore Webinar July 31, 2019 - Part 4

4th part of our training. We review Sales, Layaways, Special Orders, Delivery Orders, Opening Your Drawer Gift Cards and Reports.

CoreStore Webinar July 31, 2019 - Part 5

5th and final video from the webinar. This video covers the bound book and trade-ins features of CoreStore.

Shipments and Deliveries

All about shipments and deliveries.

Connecting CoreStore & AmmoReady

This video walks you through connecting your AmmoReady site with your CoreStore point of sale system.

How to Easily Process a Trade In

This video will demonstrate how to process a Trade-In in CoreStore. Processing a trade-in CoreStore can be done all in one step within a single transcation.

Connecting Your Credit Card Terminal

CoreStore allows you to integrate into an EMV temrinal to process credit cards. CoreStore supports direct integration into Bluedog and Transnational merchant services.

Learn All About Store Accounts

Store Accounts can easily be setup in CoreStore to provide your customers with credit.

How to Issue a Store Credit

When a customer returns an item CoreStore allows you to issue them a store credit.

Receiving and Ordering Inventory

Placing purchase orders and receiving inventory is covered in this video.

All About Special Orders

This video walks you through special orders.